Individual Therapy

abstract-image-1One-on-one sessions are tailored to fit the unique needs of the person coming in. Along with a traditional psychiatric grounding, I am guided in individual work by the Relational Life Therapy of Terry Real, Dick Schwartz’s “parts work,” addictions training, and trauma recovery training.

As clients begin to understand their dysfunctional or self-defeating behavior — and do something about it — real vitality, vibrancy, and connectedness return. Clients become conversant with their many seemingly contradictory parts. Defensive, protective parts of the personality begin to relax allowing for the emergence of more vulnerable, often younger, less mature parts of the personality that need to be re-parented — loved, unburdened, and contained. The work runs the gamut from cognitively focused skill-based teaching to deep emotional healing. Always, the client leads the way.

Sessions are usually fifty minutes once a week or every two weeks.