belinda-headshot-blackWelcome to the webpage of Belinda Berman-Real, M.A., M.F.T., C.S.A.T.

For over twenty-five years in Cambridge and Newton, Massachusetts I have had the honor of working therapeutically with individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life. For much of that time, I have supervised and taught therapists of all disciplines — psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers — in four areas: trauma work, addictions recovery, couples counseling, and individual therapy. I have had the privilege, over the years, of training many of the therapists in the Boston area and beyond.

If you choose to work with me we will get to the heart of things unusually quickly. My pledge is to get you in and out of therapy, doing the work that needs to be done both thoroughly and efficiently. So much therapy meanders. Therapists are frequently warm and caring, but hold back from helping their clients face difficult truths about themselves and their self-defeating behaviors — the things we do to get in our own way — and they also hold back from teaching their clients the practical skills needed to do things better. My therapy approach is, “Let’s roll up our sleeves together, figure out what’s wrong, what right would look like, and how to get from here to there.” It is compassionate and active, collaborative and directive, giving you the help you need to make your life and relationships as good as they deserve to be.

I specialize in sex addiction recovery, trauma recovery, and couples issues. I offer individual therapy, couples therapy, groups, and workshops

I offer practical techniques for things like: how to fight fair, take a time-out, and negotiate a difference. This is a strength-based approach. Together, we will appreciate and build on the emotional resources, perhaps abundance, already present in your relationships and in your life. The result? More joy, more passion and vitality, more creativity and fun, and more connectedness not just to others, but also to your own wants and needs, your “voice.”