abstract-image-5Trauma Recovery Groups

About 2 times per year I offer small, highly intensive workshops for up to no more than four people. For three days, we explore what happened to you in your childhood and we do very deep, richly emotional, release work. Participants routinely report that this three day intensive experience has had the power to transform their lives. It is often said that the workshop is equivalent in its healing capacity to several years of weekly therapy. The techniques employed in this workshop come largely from the work of my mentor, Pia Mellody, with whom I co-led such groups for about ten years. I am also informed by the pioneering trauma work of Richard Schwartz, Ph.D., the creator of Internal Family Systems Therapy.


No workshops scheduled at this time due to 

Covid-19 concerns. 

Cost: $1900

Sex Addiction Recovery Group for Men

As one of a small number of CSATs in the Boston area, I am acutely aware of the healing capacity of groups in recovering from the damage of sex addiction. Along with working with many sex addicts individually I also offer an ongoing male sex addiction recovery group, open to sex addicts who are committed to 12 Step, and other forms of treatment. The group meets bi-monthly and offers the unique support and insight available when sincere individuals meet together to share their hearts, stories, insights, and strengths. It is a very powerful experience.